This ALL PURPOSE cleaner has a million uses

around your house or business.

It is a formula that has been widely used across

canada for over 50 years.

Instead of using toxic chemicals and solvent to
smear and spread dirt and stains,  it works as a

wetting agent to disolve and surround them. When
dry, the area can be vacuumed or just left alone.

It has a pleasant odor of citronella, and is non-toxic

and safe for use on most surfaces.

WONDER CLEANER comes as a liquid that can
be diluted with warm water to whatever strenth

is needed.

Spot remover----------1:1

Carpet cleaning--------10:1

Window cleaning------20:1

Available in stores:

1 litre

2 litre

4 litre

Available from manafacturer 

10 litre

20 litre

is highly foaming, it is not suitable
for use in extractor type machines.

Our other product STEEM G is the perfect choice for carpet

extractor machines.