We have a FULL SERVICE department.
We can do everything from simple belt changes
to MOTOR rebuilding on site.
From household vacuum repair to full COMMERCIAL
equipment repair, we can do it ALL.

An average charge rate for labour:

  • Belt change, plug change etc ,min. chg.               $4.50
  • Minor repair, hose, power head etc                     $19.95
  • Full service for uprite vacuum or canister alone  $24.50 
  • Full service for canister and power head             $29.95
  • Commercial repair and motor work                      $35.60 hr
  • Built-in service in home service call                     $68.50
    (includes up to 1 hour service)
                 Estimates are always free, no money up front like SEARS.
  If you decide not to repair after an estimate, there may be a re-assembly fee if you want a vacuum re-assembled.
We guarranty all parts and labour for 1 year (except commercial).
Generally cords, light bulbs and belts are excluded from warranty
and considered WEAR items.