The DYSON scam?

We often get asked our opinion of the DYSON brand of VACUUMS.
With very few exceptions, the customer comments and feedback we hear are generally NEGATIVE.

They generally do a good job of getting dust out of your carpet, 
From a repair aspect, the policy of
When you phone DYSON they will send you a bunch of shipping boxes that you are supposed to stuff your vac into and ship it to the east coast to fix it.
From a design aspect, anyone with an engineering background will shake their collective heads and wonder WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?

From an "is it worth the money" aspect,
pick one up and shake it.
All those rattles you hear now will get louder as the plastic parts wear and the seals leak.
There is no such thing as a vacuum that will not plug up if abused, and these vacuums don't take abuse well.

 This seems to prove that with a good ad campaign,
you can sell ANYTHING to ANYONE, after all,
 nobody is under oath making an infomercial.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions.
These are, without predujice, our opinions.
Your opinions or comments? 

On a more positive note, our suppliers are doing a great job of importing genuine and quality aftermarket parts for many of the more popular Dyson models.
They have done this by circumventing those bozo's at D****N Canada and going direct to the manafacturers.

As a result our landed prices for most parts are better than going direct and dealing w/ shipping and delays.
sept. 2017