A commercial quality uprite vac.
-12 amp tri-force motor
-micro bags
-HEPA filter
-extra long  stretch hose
-steel handle
-steel bottom plate 
-ball bearing roller brush
   Panasonic makes a lot of crappy vacuums,
These two are our favorites.
They are simple and well made,
good for household and light commercial use.
 Easy to fix and parts are always availabe direct from the states (not those jerks at panasonic canada). 

A private opinion only

We have been a faithfull Panasonic Canada dealer since the 1980 's
They were a new game in town, hungry for market position, eager to please, always ready to help, and we in turn promoted their vacuums and their company. 
Their vacuums were well thought out, parts were easily available, new vacuums were available and stocked either locally or within a few days notice.
For the past 5 years we have been having difficulty getting the stock we wanted, when we needed it.  We rarely ever got a full order and wait times got longer and longer.
It got to the point where we were begging for product.
It seemed they were going through new sales reps quite often. 
A bad taste was forming.
 The products were (in our opinion) sacrificing durability and dependibility for low price.
Except for a few SELECT models, a lot of their line was available at the mass-merchandisers.
It got to the point where instead of stocking a dozen different Panasonic models we ONLY brought in THE GOOD STUFF  if and when we could get it.
 Instead of losing sales we were turning more and more to other brands that always seemed to BE IN STOCK. 
Carpet pro- Fuller-Eureka-Hoover-Bissell 
Everyone (except for Panasonic Canada) WAS EAGER to sell us product.
As of JULY 2010 we were CUT OFF as a PANASONIC dealer.
No discussion, just a form letter saying you are not selling enough vacuums, so PISS-OFF after 30 years.
The good news?
We still sell genuine Panasonic parts and vacuums.
We get them from a company, NOT PANASONIC CANADA, that appreciates the value of  a loyal customer. 
We are a CANADIAN company that has  been here over 55 years!!!
                 We no longer support PANASONIC CANADA.
                     What comes around-GOES AROUND.