Have a built-in vacuum that won't start?
If you do not even hear a clicking noise as you try to turn on the main unit,
you may have a START RELAY / TRANSFORMER or BREAKER  problem.
(if you do hear a clicking sound, go to our MOTOR REPAIR section)
In older and heavy-duty built-ins, manafacturers used to use  separate mechanicalTRANSFORMER / START SOLONOID / BREAKER components.
Very reiable, but expensive and complicated to diagnose and service.

This is a typical 24 volt / 110 volt transformer used on most older built-ins.
This is a typical 15 or 18 amp circuit breaker
This is a typical 24 volt / 110 volt
start solonoid used on most older built-ins.
THIS is what replaces all of the above.
Suitable for 1 or 2 motor applications.
Available in 15 or 18 amp styles.
Instead or a gut wreching BANG instant on, this lets the motor start easily (1 second instead of a mili-second)
Easier on fans, bearings, carbons etc.
15 amp --$39.95
18 amp-- $44.95

        The only things you need to keep are the motor, the cord, the 24 volt receptical and, if so equipped, the switch.
Note*  You may need to drill a 1/2" hole for the CIRCUIT BREAKER to mount to the body, but usually there will be one already.

Nowadays anyone can easily and ecconomically replace the whole rats nest of wiring and componants with a single SOLID STATE CIRCUIT BOARD that has ALL the above items in one unit!!!