KIRBY Generation

FAN change

This is a $1500.00 + vacuum, don't let a noisy or broken fan
destroy your investment.

-Un-plug the vacuum. Duh.
-Remove handle, cloth bag assy. and front roller housing
-Remove cord retainer screw, the rear pedal screw and the plastic trim cover.
-Remove 4 screws holding top aluminium cover.
-Don't remove the cord socket plate or screw on the side.

-Remove 5 screws holding front fan cover.

-Don't try to "lock" the armature or gears with a screw driver!!
-With the fan exposed use 1 set of vice grips to lock the hub of the old fan to the shaft.
-Use a 2nd set to spin the pulley shaft clockwise to remove it then pull off the broken fan.
-This method, while easier, may dammage the fan hub, so If you are not replacing the fan you have to lock the armature shaft by inserting an open-end  wrench through the side vent.
                                                                          (a job better left to the pros).

-If you buy the "FAN SET" , about $24.00, it comes with seals, washers and a new pulley.

-While you are at it, change the light bulb (hoover fits fine) $2.95, and the rubber drive belt on the roller brush. Use a genuine knurled kirby belt for better grip, $3.95
-If your roller brushes are wearing out, the roller assy is available.
-Filter bags are now made by companies other than "KIRBY" that are as good or better and a hell of a lot cheaper, just make sure they say "generation series microfilter" 3/ $8.95 or 9/ $18.95
Thats it. You just saved yourself a $40.00 repair bill.
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