CORD REWINDER cord change.

When sears tells you that you have to pay $40-$60.00 for a new rewinder mech. tell them to stuff it!!
Most of the ken/pan vacs we see needing a new cord are similar to this older one.

-You have to purchase a 20' "cord reel cord". $12-$14.00 usually.
A normal cord is too stiff and un-flexable to use on a winder spool.

-With the rewinder out of the machine heat up the center white nylon post untill slightly soft.

-Bend the metal frame up to allow access.

-Pry up the contact ring hub until it comes away from the post.

-Feed the new cord through the release pedal and then into the reel body.
-Re-solder the wh/bk wires to the copper tabs.
-Wind the cord fully on to the reel.
-Carefully re-heat the center hub slightly to allow the contact plate to "snap" back into place.
-Rotate the contact plate clockwise 6 extra turns.
-When you are satisfied everything is OK snap the metal frame back into place.
Thats it, you've saved some money!!