Front Wheel repair

If you went to sears for an estimate on repairing the cracked housing (at the front wheel) and they said  "YOU NEED A NEW BODY, that will be $95.00 in parts and $69.95 labor, better buy a new vacuum, TELL THEM TO STUFF IT!!!

-This crack will result in almost

-Before you start, try to pry the housings back into line. Spend some extra time here as it will make a better looking job.

-Buy a 3x7" nail plate.

-Put it in a vise and bend it at the hole lines as shown.

-If you want to be creative, bend the edges down slightly to eliminate any sharp edges cutting into the filter bag especially at the 2 upper corners.

-Silicon (not hot glue) around the crack inside.

-Position the plate over the wheel, drill 4 x1/8" holes through the housing as shown.

-You will need at least 3/4" rivits for the rear and the same or 1/2" for the front. Aluminium is better as it won't distort the plate .

-Do not drill into the plat above the wheel or it won't swivel.

-Pop rivit, from the inside, using backing washers on the underside.

This is not only cheaper it is now un-breakable.
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