A NEW Uprite vacuum that satisfies the needs of a SEMI COMMERCIAL vacuum at the price of a house-hold vacuum!!

 Micro-filter paper bags 
pkg / 3  $6.95
pkg / 9 $14.95
bundle 15 bags & 1 drive belt $20.00
 rubber drive belt
$2.95 @
3 / $7.00
12 / 18.00
 Secondary filter
$3.00@ or
Bulk sheet microfiber material $9.95
 light bulb $2.95
 30' 2 wire cord $14.95
40' 3 wire cord  $28.95
50' 3 wire cord $29.95
 neoprene grip (replaces old foam grip
 Steel ball bearing roller assy.
 Brush strips for steel roller
4 / $16.95
   Motor assy 
   Lower housing
 It has a powerfull 12 amp sealed
double ball bearing motor

 The steel agitator is double ball  bearing with replaceable brush strips

Filtration is opptomised with a genuine HEPA filter and high quality MICRO-FILTER paper bags

We sell them in BULK so the price is less than $1.00 per bag for MICRO-FILTER
The steel handle handle includes a neoprene hand grip and a 30' cord with enough room to hold up to 100' or more!!
There is also a stair lifter handle at the back, and a clean-out trap for un-clogging the hose.
The hose extends to over 8' plus the retractable metal wand adds another 3'
The TIDY-MAID vacuum has automatic height adjust for proper cleaning on any thickness carpet or on bare floor.
Maintenance items are easy  and inexpensive compared to most commercial vacuums.

Reg selling price $299.95
                                          Our price

Includes 3 extra micro bags and belt

1 year warranty *

A quick note about warranty
When you buy ON-LINE or from a BOX store
your warranty and repair options are limited.
We do ALL after sales concerns ON SITE
at our store here in Vancouver.
(same location for over 50 years)

Hoover has pretty much abandoned Canada
SHARK  that's a laugh 
Dirt-devil / Bissell  try to find a service depot.
Kenmore  ship it and WAIT!!!!! (and prey)
Panasonic (except from us) ship it and wait.