Tips and Tricks

Drive belt change

DYSON will not sell you ANY repair parts.
"Ship it to Timbucktu"
they say.

If you are very handy, it can be done.


  Don't phone the DYSON
 suicide line, it is possible to change the INNER drive belt.
We use a Filter-queen PN belt, $2.95

  • Remove the lower plate,( 3 twist screws).
  • Lift the outer belt to allow the roller brush to be removed.
  • Tilt the roller housing all the way foreward to allow the end supports of the housing  to be pulled straight out.
  • Remove the 3 torx screws that hold the black belt mechanism cover and remove it. (1 of the screws is recessed in the back of the housing.)
  • Remove the 2 plastic circlips at each end of the housing that allow the housing to pivot . Remove the housing.
  • Carefully pry up on the belt mechanism until it come free of the housing.
  • Remove the 2 screws holding the cover plate on.
  • We trim the FQ belt to about 3/8" width.  It is 1/2 " wide new.
                                 Install belt and reverse procedure.
Estimated time: first time ---- 1 hour.
                         next time ---- 1/2 hour.
 What a stupid design!