Dunbar vacuum store
closing July 31 2017
A well deserved retirement is in store for Brent and Jackie.

This store as well as mine opened in the 50's.                       
Brent took over Dunbar Vacuums from his father (as I did  TRADE-UR-VAC from my father) many years ago and we have continued to run successfull enduring business's in diferent parts of the city. 
Although our stores are not affilliated, Brent and I have enjoyed a good business relationship as our fathers did before us.
If you were a customer of Dunbar Vacuums I can help with most warranty concerns as we use many of the same vendors.  

And like  Dunbar Vacuums:   there is almost nothing we can't fix or supply parts and sales for.
If you have any questions please phone me, Rob, at
604-874-9424 or E-Mail vacuumac@shaw.ca