Built-in vacuum MOTORS

   Power brush electric MOTORS
(for vacuum motors, see MOTORS)


                    Fit-all LONG SHAFT

This power brush motor fits most of the older and current smooth belt domestic types (except hoover electrolux and filter queen)


  •  This motor is usually held in place by 2 screws in the top as shown, or 2 screws DIAGONALLY at  the corners of top, or by a retaining strap across the top.
  • Not generally repairable.
  • The shaft lenth is 1 1/4 "

For Filter-queen the shaft is 7/8 " (next pic)

 120 volt, 2 wire, ball/sleeve, therm. protected.

This motor is for Filter-queen, hoover (older)  and some other applications  w/ 7/8" shaft.

Fit-all SHORT w/ bracket
designed to fit Hoover newer styles held in place with 3 screws.
Better and cheaper than orig.

geared belt style.
Generally repairable.
Front bearing available.

LINDHAUS geared and smooth shaft.
Seen in higher quality
power heads.
Italian/ American source.
Usually repairable.
Carbons and
bearings available.

SEBO geared belt type. 
Seen in higher quality units under many names, made in germany.




                       Fit-all SHORT SHAFT