We carry drive belts for all vacuums


Flat rubber stretch belts

Most common belt design.
The new replacement belt will always be smaller than the used or broken belt
because they

Flat non-stretch

(long life, extended life etc.)
A very thin hard surface belt used on belt lifter systems
allowing the belt to "idle" when not spinning the roller brush
Flat geared or toothed belts
Must be replaced when 1 or more of the teeth
are damaged or missing
Flat "vee" belts
Even though they do not LOOK worn, they tend to wear the sides of the belt
allowing it to ride lower and looser in the groove causing belt slip. 

Flat spline style belts

Also called vee belts, they have splines rather than teeth.
Replacement roller brush designs are eliminating the splines from the pulley
but still use the same spline'd belt.
Flat Knurled
These belts have a cross hatched inner surface for better (?)  grip.
Round belts
used on older style uprite vacuums
e.g. Hoover, Eureka (Sanitaire) etc.

vacuum belts

Style # 7,9,10,12,14,16 BISSELL'S most common
uprite belt
2 belts / $5.95
#8 and 14    Bissell uprite flat
2 belts $7.95
  Total floors
Bissell healthy home
uprite geared belt
Bissell digipro power head flat belt
2 / $7.00

BISSELL power brush belts

Bissell shampooer belts

Bissell pro-heat
flat belt for pump
Bissell pro-heat
geared belt for brush drive
Bissell 2X model
right hand ( larger, front )
Bissell 2X model
left hand ( smaller, rear)

power brush

Most common flat belt
fits ALL non-geared brushes
$2.95 @  or 3 / $7.00
Newer tristar power head
OEM $24.95

Carpet pro uprite belt

Fits all carpet pro models
1 belt $2.95  
    3 / $7.00  
12 / $18.00 
Bulk special:
1 belt plus
15 micro filter bags


DYSON belts

pkg of 2 belts for DYSON
# DC 04
   DC 07
   DC 14
DC 25
DC 17


         Electrolux geared belt for uprites       $7.95
commercial belt slightly wider

   Lux oldest power head narrow belt $5.95
          Lux metal top power head $7.95
        Lux "L" shape power head  same as lux uprite household $7.95
     Lux newest power head belt $7.95           

Eureka belts

 Eureka power head
flat stretch belt
w/ dots

2 / $6.00
 Eureka uprite flat stretch belts
w/ dots
3 / $7.00
 Eureka / beam
power brush
geared belt

 Eureka newer uprite
w/ extended life
type "R" non-stretch belt
 Eureka uprite w/ non stretch belt type "U"
pkg 2 / $7.95
 Eureka "V" style power brush belt
 picture not exact



Filter queen power brush
flat belt

3 / $7.00
Filter queen
geared belt OEM

Power brush motor $44.95
shield (may need 1 or 2) $2.95@
Roller brush  11"  $19.95
                         12"  $24.95
6' electric hose w/cords
note* use old ends on new hose
black, brown or white  $44.95

Better quality than original and a hell of a lot less expensive
3 pc filter set includes:
-cap filter
-intake filter
-exhaust filter
Main vacuum motor
7 amp
double ball bearing
2 stage single speed 
Lamb electric OEM
2 year guarranty  $99.95
Bare floor brush
for straight 1 pc wand  $24.95
for curved lower wand $19.95
12 Filter cones w/ extra motor filters
extra thick H.D. filter paper 


power head belts

older power head,
metal bottom plate
$2.95  3 / $7.00
quadraflex power
head flat
$3.50  2 / $7.00
Duros power head
same as above
Wind tunnel
power head
$3.50  2 / $6.00
power head
geared belt




All models up to
generation series
3 / $7.00
Kirby generation
flat knurled belt
Kirby generation geared
tranny belt



older power head
belt runs near center of brush
3 / $7.00
 geared belt
best quality
 2 / $16.00
 newest power head
splined belt
 All kenmore uprite vacuums
3 / $7.00


older flat stretch belt
Lindhaus belt
all geared models

miracle mate

Most miracle mate power heads were made by SEBO
(note belt access at top left end)
Sebo geared belt $16.95
   Some have Lindhaus power heads
If it has a stretchy belt it is probably eureka style
Lindhaus geared belt $16.95
paper bags
pkg / 3  $9.95
do not use tri star, the cardboard is not thick enough
 All attachments are 1 -1/4 " standard size so any off the shelf brushes should fit
(except hoover, F.Q. and metric import sizes)
3 pc. filter set $9.95


Oreck flat belt
genuine $4.95
reg. $2.95 3 / $7.00
Oreck cap 175 power head
flat belt
bearing $7.95 Fan XL
bags XL style
pkg / 8 $16.95
Earlier style (left)
has a oval tube the bag fits over.
Newer style has a receiver and retainer type holder.

bags CC style
pkg / 8 $16.95



Panasonic older power brush
flat belt
3 / $7.00
Panasonic uprite
flat belt
$2.953 /$7.00
geared belt
splined belt

see eureka or beam

find picture



Rexair / rainbow
flat belt
all models
$3.50  2 / $6.00
Same belt as above Same belt as above
Yoke pivot $12.95
Pivot assy. $28.95

hinge $12.95
2 qt bowl SE  D4 $59.95
older separator $19.95
newer separator $28.95



#1  Dirt Devil hand vac
#2  Dirt Devil Broom vac  
#3  Dirt Devil power brush  
#4 & #5  Dirtdevil uprite most common  
#6  dirt Devil Ultra MVP uprite  
#7  Dirt Devil Roomate and Easy steamer  
#8  Dirt Devil  Powerlite uprite  
#9  Dirt Devil Vision  Sensor models  
#10  Dirt Devil Vision lite, Featherlite,
Vision Turbo models
#12  Dirt Devil Platinum Force, Vision self propelled, Ultra vision turbo, Vision wide glide, Cruiser, power streak models  
#14  Dirt Devil Protege uprite vac  
#15 Dirt Devil Dynamite   
#17  Dirt Devil Classic hand vac  
#22 Dirt Devil Purpose for pets  
Platinum Force geared belt  
Royal Vax X3 & X5  
Royal all metal uprite flat belt


Riccar power head vee belt
Riccar uprite flat belt



Samsung power brush flat belt
Samsung uprite flat belt


Sharp canister
Sharp uprite flat belt


Sanyo power head
Sanyo uprite


SEBO / Windsor

Sebo / Sensor uprite
geared belts
  • motor to pulley shorter / rear
  • pulley to brush larger
Sebo power head
geared belt
Power head brush strip
uprite brush roller 12"  or 14"